Cardio burn & strength training (particularly for those glutes, shoulders and abs).  Get it done!

Goal: 3 times through.

  • PLYO-SQUATS, 1 minute – Wide Squat with your toes pointed out and knees over ankles. Jump up reaching up to the sky and landing back in your squat.  Modification: Eliminate the jump and stand instead.
  • KICK BUTT, 1 minute – Literally, kick your butt and pump your arms FAST. Cardio!
  • FRONT RAISES, 20 reps – Stand with your heels under your hips and lift the weights straight in front of you to shoulder height then lower back to quads.
  • V-PRESSES, 20 reps – Using the same posture as front raises, bring your elbows to your sides with the wrists facing up. Lift your arms over your head but out to a V (like your doing the YMCA dance, remember that song?)
  • SQUAT OVERHEAD PRESSES, 20 REPS – With your feet wider than hip width, lower your hips like you are sitting back in a chair. As you stand, lift your arms directly over your head while holding 1 or 2 weights.   Modification: The weight is optional if your shoulders are too fatigued.
  • KICK BUTT, 1 minute – round 2!
  • MOUNTAIN CLIMBER CROSSOVERS, 1 minute – Place your hands directly under your shoulders and your legs long behind you in a plank position. Bring your right knee underneath and across your midline to your left elbow — alternating sides. CORE and CARDIO work! Modification: Use a bench or table so that you are inclined instead of flat.
  • 100s – This is your classic core move. Start lying on your back with your legs straight in the air over your hips. Gently lower your legs a tad and lift your shoulders/upper back off the mat until you feel resistance in your core. HOLD that position as you inhale for five arm pumps and exhale for five arm pumps. That completes 1 cycle. Repeat cycle nine more times for a total of 100 pumps.  Modification: Let your feet rest on the mat with bent knees.