5 Fruit-Infused Waters for Energy

The best, cheapest and healthiest way to feel energized is by drinking water.  It really is that simple – no tricks to it.  Just drink water.  In fact, some studies show that one extra glass of [...]

Conquer That Bad Body Image Moment

We all go through it. Every single one of us.  That bad body image moment.  You know those days when you just critique your body so much that you dwell on what your body isn’t rather than [...]

Make Time for Downtime

I have a really hard time allowing myself to take a moment to decompress without thinking I’m wasting time. I’m very guilty of running from one thing to the next, and to the next, and [...]

Things I Gave Up to Be Forever FIT

Being healthy can be a complete mind game if we allow it to be. The ups and the downs. The goals reached and the goals missed. The days of “I look great” and the the days of “ughhh.” We all play [...]