Feel your abs burn to the core and get toned arms while you are at it!

GOAL: 3 times through the circuit

  • V-SIT KNEE-INS. Sit in a v-sit and alternate your knees to your chest. 30 total
  • V-SIT TWIST. Sit in a v-sit and twist your torso toward the right as you twist your knees to the left, switch. 30/total
  • ZIG-ZAGS. Place hands under glutes and lift your head so you are looking toward your knees. Zig-zag your legs one on top of the other, then lower and lift your legs. Lower and lift your legs. 10/total
  • PLANK PUSHUPS. Start in a plank position then push up to your palms, repeat. 10/each arm
  • PLANK SQUATS. Start in a plank position and jump to a squat keeping your hands on the floor. 10/total
  • SIDE PLANK DIPS. 20/each side