I have a really hard time allowing myself to take a moment to decompress without thinking I’m wasting time. I’m very guilty of running from one thing to the next, and to the next, and to the next, and. . . you know what I’m talking about?

But we all deserve a little downtime, right? Of course, we do! In fact, we don’t just deserve it, we need it. There are numerous studies that confirm that brief periods of downtime can restore focus and energy while helping us better understand our priorities.

So before you start your day tomorrow, intentionally make time for downtime. How you spend it is unique to you, but the goal is to rejuvenate your mind and body, so you have increased energy to return to the busyness of your life.

Here are my daily downtime go-tos:

Showtime: Yes, I have to admit that my favorite downtime is watching a mindless TV show. As soon as I get my kids down for a nap (even if they fight their nap) I’m going to watch my show!

Coffee: Sometimes my downtown is simply walking into the coffee shop and waiting on my coffee order. Or if I’m lucky, when I come back from teaching my early bootcamp class and the rest of the house is still asleep (besides my dog), I sit on the couch with my fresh cup of hot coffee and me, myself and I!

Friends: No matter how busy and overwhelmed I may feel, spending time with my friends always helps me decompress.  But I have to make an effort to carve out time with friends – totally worth it! All the talking and laughing gets my mind off the rest of my responsibilities.

Family: What is better than hanging out with the people who love me the most! My husband and kids love me more than I can even comprehend, and I try not to take that for granted. So at the end of the day when the house looks like it was victim of a tornado, I take time to cuddle with my kids. This time is my most intentional time of the entire day.

These are all obvious downtime go-tos, nothing groundbreaking, but sometimes making time for downtime is easier said than done.  Make the time! What are your favorite ways to spend your downtime?