Meet Jessica

Meet Jessica

About Jessica Watkins - Fitness Trainer - Fairhope, Alabama

My training philosophy is “get comfortable with being uncomfortable – then you will find the changes you’ve been searching for in your mind, body and spirit.” It can be hard to get out of our comfort zone, to do something different, and to challenge yourself mentally and physically. But once you do, you are guaranteed a lifetime of positive changes. You will be FIT, feel CONFIDENT and live INTENTLY!

I am certified in group fitness and personal training from one of the leading certification programs in the country: Aerobics and Fitness Associations of America (AFAA). I ‘m also certified in Healthy Lifestyle Principles, Aqua Fitness, Barre Above, BodyPump and Maddog Spinning. I have a masters in Nutrition and Journalism from New York University.

I have professionally worked in the health and wellness world for over 11 years as fitness coach, personal trainer, and nutrition expert. But I have my own personal journey that led me toward wellness. My passion for fitness stems from my upbringing in sports, specifically gymnastics and cheer leading which landed me a college scholarship. Being so involved in these activities kept me in great physical shape. But when it came time for me to stop these activities, graduate college and get a full time job, I was thrown for a loop in how to maintain my health. Through some struggles, lots of hurdles and tons of dedication, I found my calling into fitness. I love motivating and encouraging others to surpass their struggles, conquer their goals and become the best version of themselves.

I live in Alabama with my husband, three kids and a rescued Labrador retriever mix. When I’m not teaching or meal plan writing, I love having playdates with my kids, enjoying our local beaches, traveling and exploring!