Booty Bootcamp 5-week Program


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Booty Bootcamp 5-week Program

For best results, this program is designed for you to do consistently for 5 weeks, but you choose when you start!

What you get:

  • BOOTY BAND (local pickup or shipped)
  • “10 Moves to Lift and Tone your Booty” info sheet with the Booty Band
  • 15 Booty Bootcamp videos: These videos are 5 minutes each, which gives you a very effective “finisher” workout you can add onto any of your daily workouts.  You will do 3 videos per week for 5 weeks to finish all 15 videos.
  • 5-week FIT Meals based on general healthy eating!  Check out the servings size and adjust it based on your family.
  • 8 Tips to Building Muscle Mass