Challenging your cardio and strength endurance, you’ll be required to increase your reps with each circuit.  Get ready to see big results!

7 Exercises:

(Do each of these exercises 10 times. Once completed, start at the top and do each exercise 20 times. Then start at the top and do each exercise 30 times, 40 times then 50 times (or until you’ve hit 50 minutes).

1. Jumping Jacks

  • Advanced:power jacks
  • Modification: alternating jumping jacks

2. Front Jabs

3. Squat Jacks

  • Modification: Alternating Squat with a side leg lift

4. Pushups

  • Modification: Pushups on your knees

5. Reverse Climb

6. Wide Squat

7. Overhead Presses