This workout is all about STRENGTH ENDURANCE! So that means for each exercise that is timed, do as many as you can within that certain amount of time — this style of exercise trains your muscles to not give up when under fatigued tension. You got this!

GOAL: 3 times through!

  • SIDE TO SIDE SQUAT, 1 Minute
  • PUSHUPS, 1 minute – Modification: Move to your knees if needed.
  • DOUBLE CRUNCH, 1 minute – With your heels directly over your hips and your arms holding a weight. Lift your shoulders and hips off the mat as high as you can at the same time.
  • SIDE PLANK, 30 pulses on each side –  Modification: Plank on your bottom knee and forearm instead of your toes and forearm.
  • CHEST FLY CRUNCH, 20 reps – With your arms holding weights out to the side, make sure the weights are even with your chest and not your shoulders. As you close your arms together, lift your shoulders/upper back off the mat using your core, then lower.
  • HIGH KNEES/SIDE KNEE COMBO, 1 minute – Transition smoothly from front high knees to side high knees without stopping.  Modification: Step instead of jump
  • POWER JACKS, 30 seconds –  Modification: Jumping Jacks or Side Step instead of Jumping Jacks.