TABATA STYLE! That means you will work to your MAX for 30 seconds followed by a 10 second recovery (only 10 seconds, no more!) as you move to the next exercise. Tabata is super effective at burning fat and increasing your overall power! Here goes!

GOAL: You will do this in groups of 2 exercises at a time. Do both exercises 3 times through – then moving to the next 2 exercises.

  1. HIGH KNEES, 30 seconds – Lift your knees up to your hip-height by jumping ⚠️ Modification: Eliminate the jump and do knee lifts
  2.  NARROW SQUAT PRESS, 30 seconds – With your feet at a narrow stance directly under your hips and 1 weight at your collarbone height, sit down in a 90-degree seated position. Then stand and raise your arms over your head. Pull resistance down and stand with pride and power every.single.time!
    Go back to #1 & REPEAT Exercises 1 & 2 = complete 2 more times. (3 times TOTAL!)
  3. BURPEES, 30 seconds – Modification: Eliminate the jump and step back into a plank and step in to standing position.
  4. T-LIFTS, 30 seconds – With your legs under your hips, left your arms straight up to the side into a T-position so that your weights are even with your shoulders.  Go back to #3 & REPEAT Exercises 3 & 4 = complete 2 more times. (3 times TOTAL!)
  5. PLANK SQUAT, 30 seconds – Start in a flat plank position on your palms. Jump your feet to the outside of your hands keeping your hips down and back into a plank.  Modification: Eliminate the jump. Instead, step your feet toward your hands and step back.
  6. ROPE PULL, 30 seconds – Lift your legs over your hips, lift your shoulders as high as you can and alternate reach 1 hand toward the opposite foot.  Go back to #5 & REPEAT Exercises 5 & 6 = complete 2 more times. (3 times TOTAL!)
  7. JUMPING JACKS, 30 seconds – You can take your jumping jack to the next level by doing a POWER JACK if you want! Modification: Step side to side instead of jump.
  8. T-LIFTS, 30 seconds – Same T-Lifts as before.  Go back to #7 & REPEAT Exercises 7 & 8 = complete 2 more times. (3 times TOTAL!)