“I walked into local store in Fairhope, AL (Running Wild) and saw the Fit Momma Bootcamp, so I inquired about it and was told Jessica was wonderful so I decided to try it myself the very next day.

And I can definitely say Jessica is awesome! I have been going for two weeks now and I can already feel a difference! And not necessarily in looking thinner but I feel stronger, with more energy and wanting to do better for myself. And all that would have not been possible without Jessica, she encourages you and motivates you to the end! She takes the time to correct you as needed and explains correct techniques.

This week I have been out of town and I checked her videos online. I was able to get a couple good workouts while being out. In her videos she explains all the do’s and dont’s which is so practical as you definitely don’t want to hurt yourself! It is like having her live in front of you! Jessica definitely cares about you and she will show it! Again, I would have never been motivated to workout on my own without knowing her and plus knowing that I will be back in her class in a few days and don’t want to fall behind!

Thanks for all you have done so far Jessica!”  – Daniela Montgomery

“I met Jessica in January of this year (2016).  When I began this journey to live a more healthy lifestyle I wasn’t really sure where I needed to begin.  I had been working out and running but with no real routine. When a friend suggested I try FitMama Bootcamp I was hesitant to go and it took her asking me several times before I finally agreed to try it.  My friend promised I would love it and she was right.  After the first class I was sold! I have never been a person to worry about the number on the scale but it is important to note that I was at my highest weight ever (besides pregnancy) when I met Jessica.  As a result of working out with Jessica a few times a week and following her meal plans I have lost 23 lbs and I am 3 sizes smaller.  More important than those numbers is that I feel better about myself and my health.  I also have the energy I was lacking to take care of my 4 year old twin boys.  In addition to all of those great benefits, I have made some wonderful friends by attending Jessica’s classes.  I have never been a big fan of working out in a group environment but I have found that everyone is so supportive of one another which helps me stay motivated.  When I had an ankle injury Jessica would give me modifications to some of the exercises so I could continue working out.   She would constantly check on me to see how my ankle was feeling throughout class to be sure I was not making the injury worse.  She truly cares about her clients and their overall health and health goals. Jessica is amazing and her workouts are always fun.  She offers a variety of classes and at times that are convenient for everyone. You are also able to bring your children to many of the workouts so you can mark childcare off of the list of excuses.  If you are unable to attend a class she has numerous videos posted on her Facebook page. You really should give her a visit.  You’ll be glad you did…I know I am!”  – Sherri Corte

“I absolutely love Fit Mama bootcamp and Jessica! The classes are fun, challenging and always changing! I love how the classes use a mix of different workouts, it keeps it interesting and my body guessing! I am in the best shape of my life since I’ve been going to Fit Mama classes. I’m so happy to be able to bring my son to class with me too. He has a great time playing with the other kids and I truly believe seeing his mom workout with friends will influence him to be active throughout his life. Fit Mama is not only a great workout but I have been fortunate to meet so many wonderful women in class, classes are always fun with friends there! I am so grateful to be a part of the Fit Mama community!”  – Emily Bauer

“I love Jessica’s classes! I always leave feeling so accomplished! (And sore the next day, which in my book means I had a good workout!). When I first started going to Fit Mama classes, I had a particularly needy baby girl who was constantly wanting me nearby so it’s been a godsend being able to bring her along for the workout. Since then, she has done so well and is perfectly content walking around with her snack and playing! Jessica and all of the Fit Mama ladies are so welcoming and encouraging to everyone that comes to class! I always recommend Fit Mama to anyone looking for a good workout!” – Joanna Bass

“Jessica is so motivating and kind! Great class and lots of choices for your schedule.”  – Cassie Davis

“I love that Jessica offers a complete program, with exercise, diet, and friends! I love the online videos! They are short, sweet, and effective! It helps that I can do them on my own time. I can do one on busy days or mesh several for a longer workout! Great way to prep for a class too!

The classes are great as well. Being in the group really motivates me. Jessica does a great job explaining things and making sure you are working within your own limitations. The fact that it is kid friendly and outside is just that much more of a perk! I can set an example for my daughter with my workout and let her get in some play time! I can definitely tell a difference when I go, in my mood and my body!

The meal plan was helpful in introducing some good, healthy food options into our diets. I was introduced to a lot of new things (FYI, almond butter is not in the cold food isle! Check by the peanut butter!). The grocery list was super helpful as well.  Fit Mama (or dadda- all welcome!) is highly recommended!”  – Colleen Lynch

“I started Jessica’s program in December of 2015. The previous summer I was so uncomfortable wearing shorts because my legs had ZERO muscle tone. I was thin but so soft and squishy (yuck!)

I started working out with her three times per week and was surprised at how quickly I started to see my body change!

This summer I felt so much more confident in not only my shorts but my bathing suit too! I have never had stomach muscles but I can actually see them now!

Not only do I feel so much better about myself but I have made such great friends within the Fit Momma Community!!!!!” -Tess Slay

“Since going to Fit Mama Boot camp for the last couple of months I have noticed a big difference and others are starting to notice as well. Jessica is a great motivator and I love her challenging camps. She changes it up each session. Kid Friendly is a plus, even brought high school daughter with me during summer to work out.  – Lauren Wellborn

An awesome workout and fun! Affordable too! You won’t regret it. Locations (bay, park, etc.) are ideal for workouts! Jessica is also very sweet and in awesome shape!”  – Shannon Rubio

“Jessica is one of the best instructors I’ve ever had. You won’t get a better workout! Love Love Her!”  – Kimi Helms

“Best workout I had this year. Loved the outdoors!”  – Linzi Mullek

“Jessica is a pro at making working out fun and stress free, even with three little ones to keep track of! Can’t beat the kid friendly atmosphere and sweet people you meet!”  – Clara Blacksher

“Jessica is a great motivator! After 2 weeks I could already see and feel a difference!”  – Nichole Smith

“LOVE Jessica and fit mama boot camp! It is a great work out and the kids have a blast.” – Emily Determann

“Jessica is great! I love that we are able to bring our kids along to play while we get a great workout in!” – Alexa Givan

“Perfect “fit” for moms! Our kids play together while we work out! No sitter required!” – Mary Catherine Crocker